The Must Dos In Protecting Solar Panels From Birds

Many home owners install solar panels to their home in order to have a renewable source of energy and even to sell the current that is excessively produced from the solar panels. One negativity that you will have to face when you have installed solar panels is that it would be attacked by birds. Birds might make their nests in the solar panels. If you don’t protect the solar panels from the birds, there will be major damages to the solar panels that will make you spend a fortune. This is why you have to bird traps Melbourne as soon as you get it installed to your property. Below are some essential tips when it comes to bird proofing the solar panels in your home or commercial building:

Use a Bird Mesh

The most effective way to protect the solar panels from birds is to use a bird mesh for solar panels. These meshes will cover the area under the solar panel so that the path to the solar panels will be completely blocked. However, these meshes will not prevent the airflow. These meshes will completely avoid the presence of birds under the solar panel as well. Some of the great benefits of using bird meshes are that they low profile, they will not cause any harm to the aesthetical appeal of the house and it would have no effects on your solar panels or the roofs. If you are interested about bird proof solar panels you can visit this website

Use Plastic Predators

One of the best ways to drive away predators is to use plastic predators near the solar panels. When the birds spot that there are predators near the solar panel, they will stay away from it for sure. For example, you can use owl toys that move with the wind so that it would easily scare away the birds. You can also use these type of predators which are build using high tech just to free your solar panels from causing trouble to the solar panels.

Install Spikes to Your Roof

Another great way to keep your solar panels safe from birds’ sis to install roof spikes. However, these spikes might add a bad look to your property. If you are okay with this look to your property, you can try installing spikes. These spikes will keep the birds from making nests in the roof as they are not capable of staying on the roofs for long. These installations will also make it easier to keep the solar panels and the roof free. Also, installing spikes frees you from the need of having meshes.