Ideas For A Low- Key Bachelorette Party

As the maid of honour, you know that you need to be the bride’s right hand. This means attending various wedding chores with her and being there for her on the big day. Furthermore, as the maid of honour, you also get the responsibility of planning her bachelorette party. We know that normally bachelorette parties are supposed to be the party of the century. This, in that case, would not be very difficult to plan. But what if the bride wants something low key? What if she doesn’t want to spend her night travelling from one club to the next? We know that this sounds like a strange concept to many of you. But we can guarantee that this is the dream of many brides. In that case, you need to know how to plan a low-key bachelorette party for your best friend.

Have a Slumber Party
When you came of age you and your best friend would have frequented the cocktail bars kingston Canberra. But remember your childhood where a Friday night meant sleeping over at each other’s house watching movies? Well if your best friend wants something low key then we think that having a slumber party is the best idea. That is because not only would this be a relaxing environment for the bride after all the wedding planning. But it would also offer you the opportunity to regress back to your childhood. This means staying up all night watching romantic comedies while munching on an array of junk food. However, we understand that the bride may not always be a childhood friend. In that case, you should consider having a slumber party to make new memories together.

Plan a Spa Day
Even if the bride loves her Canberra function rooms she may want a something more low key for her bachelorette. That is because after spending all her time planning for the big day a big night out would be her favourite thing to do. In that case, you should consider planning a spa day for her and her girlfriends. That is because with the pressure of the big day the bride would love a chance to relax. Thus, a spa day where she can get pampered and gossip with her girlfriends would be a dream come true.Having a low key bachelorette party does not mean that this event would be dull and boring. Instead, if you read this article you would realize that this is a misconception. Instead, there are numerous ways to have fun without planning a big night out.