Inspired Built, A Reliable Name In Construction Business

Moving to a new place new city for business or job purpose has always been so challenging as we do not know much about the climate, weather and attitude of people of the new destined place. A wise person has said, we cannot judge people in one or two meetings, to know their nature we have to live with them or to travel with them. The journey begins when you come to know that you have appointed for a job and you have to leave and join the office. You already have a sufficient amount that you can afford a house but as you are moving to a new place you do not really trust any builder blindly. So, you compromise on living on rental apartment for a time being. 

Now, you start a hunt of finding a good construction house and the nature of the job does not allow you to stand and look the house during construction. You need a reliable builder who deliver what they commit as it is a matter of family and you can not risk the life of parents, spouse and kids. 

Inspired built has stepped into a business of construction and have managed to satisfy all the valuable clients by delivering them a world-class service on time within the mentioned budget. We are inclined towards building customer relationship along with building the house, office, shop, gym, etc. We have a qualified team of workers which includes engineers, architects, designers, plumbers, paint team etc. We have highly skilled employees who work for us day and night to meet the target deadlines. We make sure to use a quality material in construction as we do not want to just earn money. Unlike others, we do not surprise you with hidden charges. 


Following are the services which we are providing under the banner of Inspired built. 

  • Commercial Construction:
    Commercial fitouts in Brisbane is very tricky as we have to utilize the small space along with giving the large accommodation space to it. We work on office fit outs, commercial fit outs (Gym, shops, hotel, restaurant and café etc.). We design and construct the space in a manner that you have all the possible facilities available in it. 
  • Residential Construction:
    Be it a making new house from the first brick, renovation of the house or extension of the existing house, our highly qualified and creative team transform the overall look of the house. You will love living in the house and you feel like you are living in a heaven. While constructing a house, we mainly focus on giving the facilities that is suitable for each member of the family. We also keep in mind while constructing the house that the house has all the facilities for aged people so that they can easily roam around without relying on any of the member. 

In short, we provide you an ultimate experience of living that you start loving your house and stay in your house for long hours. For more information, please log on to

Fours Reasons To Consider A Container For Your New Home

Everybody loves to own a home but the problem is homes are expensive and it requires you to take out a loan if you are not financially secured. Loans can be tricky and hard to deal with, especially a huge one, because you would have to constantly pay it back and there could be potential stumbling blocks when it comes to those payments. So why go after a home that’s expensive when you can find an easier solution? Why not consider buying a container and turning it into your new home? That’s right, containers that usually used to store things can now be converted into a home. So here is why you should consider it.

Save money

Prices vary from size to size but you can get one reasonably cheaper than a home. All you have to do is get it and design it the way you want it, you don’t get that option when you get a new home. You could renovate but it won’t truly be yours. A container would allow you to do that and the costs can be considerably cheaper when you design things from ground up rather than renovate or redesign a home which requires destroying your home and installing new things. Construction time too is significantly lower and without much delays which will save you money.


Well you are in shipping container shelters which makes it portable and if you are ever in the mood to change your location you can do that easily. A stationary home will not allow you to do that and if you are truly desperate to move then you are going to have to spend a lot more money to buy a new house to change areas.


These container shelters are made of steel and can withstand any of the outside elements like extreme weather. Remember these containers are designed to protect things that are inside and as such are also fire resistance. The strengths of the container means that you are not going to have a lot of maintenance work to do.

Environment Friendly

Disposed containers do no favour for anybody so why not get one and repurpose it for living means. You are essentially recycling it rather than letting it rot somewhere. These containers too can be eco-friendly because they can survive away from main city powerlines. Power can be run through solar or wind energy thus saving you money on utility bills. The common theme here is that you can save a lot of money but also these containers allow you to design a home that is truly yours.